Speed Test Issues and Troubleshooting

Speed Test — Troubleshooting

Speed Not as Expected

Several factors may slow your connection, resulting in lower-than-expected speeds. Try these simple suggestions below. But if your slower speeds persist, contact your broadband service provider to see if they can determine the issue. You can also learn more about the technical reasons why your speed may not be as expected on the Throughput section of our About Broadband Speed page.

  1. Be sure to stop any downloads or programs that may be using your connection while running the Speakeasy Speed Test.
  2. When using a wireless connection, there may be wireless interference. Try using a wired Ethernet connection instead.
  3. Try rebooting your modem or router and then running the test again.

Receiving a license expiration notice

This notice is in place to protect our speed test from being stolen and run, mirrored or framed into another website.

To remove this notice:

  • http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest
    Be sure you're going to the URL above. We have software in place to block the speed test being used from any other domain name.
  • Clear Your Cache/Speakeasy Cookies
    We frequently update our speed test. You may have an older version of the Speakeasy Speed Test cached for your browser. Clearing your cache and/or cookies should make the license error disappear.


Adobe® Flash Errors

The Speakeasy Speed Test requires the newest version of Adobe's Flash Plug-in to be installed on the browser you are using.

  • Why does it say I need to install a more recent version of Flash?
    We use the very popular JavaScript package SWFObject to detect Flash versions. The upgrade message is displayed if the version of Adobe Flash in your browser will not support the needs of Speed Test. Flash is used in Speed Test to display the map and test your connection.

  • I have a recent version of Flash, but it's still not working.
    Make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed. In some cases, users have uninstalled and reinstalled Flash to fix errors in their Flash installation.

    Be sure you are installing Flash updates on the browser you are using for Speed Test, which may be different from your default browser. Updating Flash in one browser does not update it across all the browser software on your system.

    If you are using Internet Explorer with a current version of Flash and still have display issues, check that ActiveX is working.

    1. Open IE
    2. Open Tools menu
    3. Select Internet Options
    4. Select Security tab
    5. Click on Internet icon (to select it)
    6. Click on Custom Level button to change permissions
    7. In scrolling window, move down to Active X Controls & Plug-ins
    8. Under Allow ActiveX Filtering, select Disable
  • For other issues, consult these helpful resources from Adobe:


Other Issues

  • Ad Block and Firewalls
    Our speed test sends packets of empty data back and forth to your computer in order to test your line speed. Since we are a third party sending and receiving a tiny data packet from your computer to perform the test, some adblock or security services interpret this as an attack and will act accordingly. Temporarily lowering the severity should allow the speed test to work. Be sure to turn it back on before leaving our website!
  • Inaccurate Dialup Results
    Our speed test accurately checks broadband (DSL & T1) speeds using socket layer testing, or as fall-back, over HTTP. Dialup modems have a specific compression technique within them that may negate the speed test from allowing for an accurate result over dialup.


Saving Your Speed Test Results

Your most recent results are saved in Results History when tested on desktop or tablet. If you do not see a saved history, please make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser settings.